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Hey guys. Okay. I was very upset when I didn't hear Flashback Lunch for the past couple days. I had a long drive on the freeway today and I caved in and fucking called KROQ.

Apparently, management decided to cut Flashback Lunch out of the programming. They said they were going to try different things and for now, our precious Flashback Lunch is on an indefinite hiatus, or break, or whatever. I mean, I even asked him how long this hiatus would be for and he didn't even know, because there was no set date. Sad times!

So, no Flashback Lunch. This makes me so upset! I would sometimes skip class to listen to Flashback Lunch! I don't know how I can look at KROQ now without that one hour! Seriously. This totally sucks. But, that's basically the deal. No Flashback Lunch for a while because management has decided to cut it out to try different projects.

The guy answering the phones DID tell me, however, that management is listening to what the public has to say and I was pretty upset. So, I'm sure it will get to management somehow. I suggest we all write strongly worded letters. Seriously guys.

Sadness. I'm going to go stick my head in a record player until Flashback Lunch comes back on.
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