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kevin_n_bean's Journal

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106.7 FM KROQ Kevin and Bean
Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Kevin Ryder, Gene "Bean" Baxter, Ralph Garman, Lisa May, Money, Lightning, Super Steve, Dave the King of Mexico, and company.

Feel free to post anything relating to the show, its guests, segments, characters, and such. Questions relating to the show's content are also welcome. Please do note, however, that if you do not post something of content relevant to the show--and that can be understood by readers as such--your post will be deleted.

There is a place for random comments, of course--the AFRO line! : (323) 520-AFRO.

johntchoe and kirinqueen are the moderators of this community. We welcome any suggestions with regard to both improvement of the community and spreading the word of Kevin and Bean, because they are, to paraphrase Kevin, the greatest thing ever.

kirinqueen: I'm just saying.

johntchoe: In her defense, she is just saying.

20100531Mo - I've disabled anonymous posting and deleted all spam and non-English posts. Hope this keeps the spammers away.
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