Marmalade B. Funkyblump (brandawg) wrote in kevin_n_bean,
Marmalade B. Funkyblump

I was on the radio!

This morning the guys took calls for inappropriately cold break-ups, and I was the first caller. I told them how my girlfriend of two years broke up with me over AOL instant messenger. During the screening call, I let Producer Alex know that it all worked out for me afterwards because I'm now happily engaged (since the break up in question was back in 2001), but Kevin and Bean never asked and cut me off before I could let them know about it.
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I was like, BRANDON? In RANCHO CUCAMONGA!! It HAS to be!!

Man, I heard the tail end of my call because of the delay and does my voice really sound that nasally? Jeez.
I was listening to that this morning and I heard that! That sucks dude but hey if your better off can't complain to much. :o)
I heard that one. I didn't know Alex screens calls.
well maybe not about your g/f breaking up with you on AIM but for a while there that was the same as talking to someone on the phone :?

cool you hooked back up and, of course, on kevin n bean